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Monday, 5 December 2016

Professional Learning Communities: Their Impact on Student Learning

Submitted by Denise Litke, Instructional Coach from PLC Institute Conference

            Early in October, I had the unexpected opportunity to attend the PLC  Institute in Edmonton.  Along with many of the administrators from Foothills, I heard  some amazing speakers from Solution Tree deliver some invigorating and transforming messages around professional learning communities. 

Focused around the three big ideas of PLCs:  

focus on learning
work collaboratively
be results oriented

the audience was presented a variety of topics on how to develop and maintain 
collaborative teams so that we (as educators), can have a positive impact on student 
learning and close the achievement gaps in our schools. 

I took the many thoughts I had from the institute and created a modified concept map around some key messages.  I have included the map with my understandings on the following page.  How do they fit with your beliefs around PLCs?

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