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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

System Learning Day - The Quantitative Data

Submitted by Rebecca Forchuk, Director of Staff Development
March 11th System Learning Day Quantitative Data

Foothills School Division values learning. This was clearly evident during System Learning Day on March 11th. This day allowed us the opportunity to hear a common message, work towards system goals and develop collective efficacy as we shared effective instructional practice across teachers from all schools in our division. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the teachers for such a productive day. Your engagement in the learning and process of the day speaks to the high level of professionalism, passion for lifelong learning, and dedication to improve learning for all students. The open and honest feedback provided through the exit slips, all 274 of them, will help us continue to improve these days moving forward.  We feel truly honoured to have you as part of the FSD family and could not have been more proud of the work that was accomplished!

Quantitative Data from Grades K-9:
Quantitative Data from High School:

Next Steps - Sharing The Qualitative Data:
We would like to share some of the qualitative data - aka feedback - you provided. Although the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, there were some great ideas brought forward, valid questions and insightful points worth sharing.   So, for the next few weeks, we will take the opportunity to share and respond to the feedback from System Learning Day and clarify any misconceptions, respond to questions and acknowledge some insightful, relevant comments.

As we have read through the various comments from the exit slips, we understand it is difficult to meet the needs of everyone who attends System Learning Day as there are hundreds of you. However, we are committed to using those two days to support system goals while promoting collaboration amongst schools and providing time to work on the work.  From the feedback, it is extremely clear that teachers in FSD are committed to doing what is best for students and improving instructional practice in order to improve learning.   Once again, we would like to thank you for participating fully in the day as well as sharing insightful feedback.  

We will continue to use the blog to respond to your posts as well as share more of the research from Hattie.  The next blog post will address why the top 10 list on March 11th did not match the list found online.  There is an intentional reason.